Cancellation Policy

Three Options for Early Termination

The Oechsli Institute has a fair but firm cancellation policy. Those wishing to cancel services prior to their contract end-date have three options:

1) Take a Break

You are eligible to take a one-month break from the program once per year.  This stops the billing for a month but adds a month to your contract end-date.

2) Buy Out Your Contract

If you would like to cancel services entirely, you may do so by paying 50% of the remaining contract.  For example, if you have three months of payments left totaling $1,500, you would pay $750 to end early.  Services would end on the date of your buy-out. This does not apply to those who have prepaid for services as we do not provide refunds.

3) Stick it Out

We did agree to a contract minimum and we hope you will stick to that.  We are happy to meet and discuss ways to make the most of your time left with us.