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When was the last time you got out of the office and worked on your business? Put a spark in your client acquisition by attending the best financial advisor marketing conference.
Our retreats are transformative, combining the best of thought leadership, peer-sharing, skill development and strategic planning.

Our topics include...

Mastering Affluent Client Acquisition
We have a unique blend of research-based and field-driven advice on how to bring in more new affluent clients. Our research sets the tone with identifying the marketing activities that have been most effective, while the scale of our advisor interactions helps us understand the nuances of how each activity works in the field. In this robust segment, we will cover:

  • Social prospecting strategies for today’s environment
  • Proven routines for deepening COI partnerships
  • Educational events (online or in
  • Client advocacy campaigns that generate more referrals
High Performance Teams
As teams have proliferated in the financial services industry, advisors have had to take practice management more seriously. While every team is a little different, there are commonalities amongst those who are the highest performers. In this segment, we will cover best practices related to:

  • Modern-day systems of standard operating procedures
  • Communication structure necessary for growing teams
  • Business scorecarding and managing metrics
Digital Marketing Deep Dive
With more and more firms enabling advisors to embrace various forms of digital marketing, now is the time to position yourself with today’s digital consumer. This goes beyond the basics of branding and posting. Our goal is for you to become a frontrunner in:

  • Digital advertising, the right way, to the right audience
  • Leveraging video to deliver your message to clients and prospects
  • Modern web design and lead capture
  • Effective LinkedIn messenger strategies
Elite Advisor Verbiage and Sales Skills
Two advisors can be doing the same activities, while one gets results and the other does not. What’s the difference? It often boils down to language and sales skills. We collect great language, and in this segment, we’ll share these soundbites while gathering additional insights from the group. Join us and learn the artform of:

  • Answering questions like, “what’s happening in the markets?”
  • Positioning yourself as unique and superior alternative
  • Helping clients understand how to connect you with others
  • Prospecting in social circles, without coming across salesy

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Frequently Asked Questions about Retreats

If you are looking for a solid financial advisor marketing conference, you should join us. This event is for established advisors and agents looking for a transformative experience in both their personal and professional lives. It gives participants an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day office environment to reflect, plan, and energize. Attendees come from a wide variety of firms and distribution models throughout the financial services industry. This cross-pollination maximizes the best practice sharing that takes place amongst our attendees.
Yes, every event is unique. We present new ideas, templates, and exercises at each retreat to ensure that previous attendees get as much (if not more) value than new attendees. We also use these events to release our most updated research and findings. Learn straight from the affluent—what they want from a financial professional—uncovered from our latest research.
This event is designed to be an interactive experience. It’s a hybrid of presentation, group exercises, individual work, peer-sharing, role-playing, and strategic planning. When you combine three industry thought leaders, experienced coaches, and professionals focused on growth, you get a great financial advisor marketing conference! You’ll walk away with more marketing and sales strategies than any one person can implement.
The system and techniques taught at the retreat, when executed consistently, produce tremendous results. We have done the research on elite performers who have mastered the mindset, activities, and skills needed to reach the highest success levels. Some of the most successful financial professionals in the business use our methods every day.
Many of our attendees bring team members to the retreat. When team members experience the transformative nature of the event, immediate implementation can be expected when you return to the office. Everyone leaves the event on the same page and excited about raising their game. Not to mention, group discounts apply.

Many of our coaches attend the retreat. They help facilitate exercises and provide individual guidance onsite. There will always be someone there to answer your individual questions.

No, this event is a standalone, actionable, transformative program. Our objective is personal and professional development that stimulates growth.
While specifically designed to accelerate the coaching experience, this financial advisor marketing conference is open to the public. You don’t need to be an active client to benefit from this transformative experience. The strategies and tactics you will learn are invaluable.
Assistants (non-producing financial professionals) may attend at a discounted rate of $995.
Yes, if you are a previous coaching client, then you can attend for $995. Call our office to take advantage of this discount at (336) 273-6582.