Podcasting is the pinnacle of advisor thought leadership.

In a world of short-form content, podcasts help create deeper connections.

We start with custom artwork.

Then send you the equipment.

A. Microphone
It’s a podcast, so the audio quality is critically important. We provide you with a studio-grade microphone along with instructions for proper usage.
B. Headphones
When recording, it’s important to have a high-fidelity monitoring experience. We provide industry-leading headphones so you can hear every word.
C. Boom Arm
To ensure your mic is in perfect positioning, and to give that real studio feel, we include a mountable boom arm.

We feed you with fresh ideas.

Our goal is to keep you inspired and on schedule, while retaining your style and creativity.

We mix and master your audio.


We work with you to select the right music to start and close your podcast. Whether it’s folksy, upbeat, or serious, it adds a professional touch that sets you apart.

Mixing + Mastering

We go beyond simply trimming the beginning and end, applying custom equalizers, compression, and noise reduction to make your voice sound crystal clear.


We provide written transcriptions for each episode, which helps your SEO and makes it easier for people to share quotes and highlights.

We handle the distribution.

We even create social posts.

What's included:

Let’s Talk About Creating Your Show

I'm Ready

$1,999 down + $599 per month


Frequently Asked Questions about the Podcasts Program


Industry research shows the perfect podcast length is 27 minutes. Our package includes editing for podcasts shorter than 30 minutes to keep your content easily digestible.

If you would like to do a video podcast, the cost is $999 per month

No, we find it sounds more natural to keep your full audio, unless there’s a notable mistake.
Yes, you can stop and start your podcast once during each recording. We just ask that you take a 30 second pause before restarting so that it’s evident when we make your edits.
No, if you send us an hour of footage, you’ll end up with roughly an hour-long podcast. We will not make editorial decisions about which content to keep or cut.


The down payment covers three things: your Oechsli Podcast Kit, the planning and coaching time with us, and the buildout of your podcast template (intro, callouts, etc.) and social assets. All you need for a great podcast.

We include one revision of each episode at no additional cost. Additional revisions will be priced separately.


Our podcast program includes up to two episodes per month. Unused episodes do not roll over from month to month.
When you record an episode, you’ll be able to upload it using our secure file transfer system straight from your phone or computer.
You will record your episodes and send them to us. We will professionally mix and master, create your transcripts and social posts, then send it back to you for review. We will then get it published to the podcast networks for your listeners to enjoy.
If you’re in Newsletters and Podcasts, you get the added benefit of us taking your episodes and directly embedding them in your newsletters. If you’re in Podcasts and Social, we’ll post directly to your social feeds. If you’re in Websites, we can embed your podcast and make subscriptions a breeze.

If you already have the right equipment for financial advisor podcasting, but want to use the rest of our services, your down payment would drop to $1,699. Most of the down payment goes towards the initial template build-out and consultations, not the equipment.

We aim for a 5 day turnaround time for your episodes. If you submit multiple episodes in the same day, our goal is to have the first back within 5 days.
Any time during the month, however if you turn an episode in within the last 4 days of the month the turnaround time will be delayed an additional 48 hours.