Social media advertising for financial advisors.

Attract affluent clients and build your brand with targeted social ads.

We have three objectives...


People purchase from brands they feel connected to. Think about your own buying habits. If you were in the market for a new car, which options would you consider first? Awareness campaigns make you top-of-mind when someone is in the market for a new financial advisor.


You need digital interaction. Driving traffic to your website, increasing your video views, or generating reactions on your posts exposes your target audience to valuable content and showcases your ability to help. Plus you are now able to retarget them with future advertising.


Newsletter signups, whitepaper downloads, webinar invitations, or consultation requests all ask for the user’s name, email, phone, etc. By gathering contact information, you now have the ability to nurture them until the timing is right…for them.

We create ads that focus on you and your brand...

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Branded whitepapers are included.

We provide branded whitepapers that can be used in your social ads to capture leads.

Dedicated Ads Specialists

Our Ads Specialists are Facebook and LinkedIn certified, and we work exclusively with financial advisors. We design compelling ads that attract affluent investors to your brand on social media.
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A proven process

To begin our work together, we talk through your objectives, target market, and networks of choice. We formalize these discussions into a Quarterly Ads Plan that guides our strategy moving forward.
Every quarter we meet to determine the right combination of ads to run. We bring our ideas to the table, we take time to hear yours as well, then we build the creative and copy for your review.
We launch new ads once a month, which is long enough for your ads are seen, but not so long they oversaturate. Of course, we keep you informed with the right metrics every step of the way.

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$1,500 down + $399 per month


Frequently Asked Questions about Oechsli Social Ads

Yes, running social media ads is a cost-effective way to reach and engage a large, qualified audience. Organic reach can only go so far, and when you want to reach beyond your current clients and friends, it’s time to invest in social media advertising.
Financial advisors can reach a wider and more targeted audience through social media advertising. By leveraging the power of social media platforms, financial advisors can increase brand visibility, drive traffic to their website, and generate leads. Additionally, social media advertising provides opportunities for financial advisors to engage with potential clients and build their online reputation. By creating relevant and engaging ads, financial advisors can differentiate themselves from their competitors and establish themselves as thought leaders in the financial industry. Utilizing social media advertising can ultimately lead to an increase in business and revenue.
Financial advisors typically find success on either Facebook or LinkedIn, depending on their target market and budget. We can help you determine which network will best fit your needs based on your specific goals and target audience.
Facebook offers a large user base with high daily usage, making it a great platform to reach a broad audience. Additionally, Facebook’s targeting capabilities (including life events, wealth estimates, and demographic information) are unrivaled. Facebook is also generally the least expensive option for social media advertising.
LinkedIn is ideal for targeting specific industries, companies, or occupations. It also allows you to target business owners with a minimum employee count. Although LinkedIn is more expensive than Facebook, it is more precise in targeting professionals.

Social media ads offer targeting options based on users’ demographics, interests, behaviors and more. This allows for highly personalized and effective ad campaigns. Advertising on Google is best for those who want to focus on individuals with “intent” – appearing in search results for those looking for a financial advisor. If you are interested, consider our Google Ads program.

Yes, we can help you narrow your focus by stage of life, occupation, geography, and many other factors through the targeting capabilities of Facebook and LinkedIn.
There are three main objectives for social media advertising for financial advisors: Awareness Campaigns, Engagement Campaigns, and Conversion Campaigns. Awareness Campaigns aim to increase brand visibility, Engagement Campaigns drive website traffic, and Conversion Campaigns build a database of qualified contacts.
Your budget will depend on several factors such as your target market, geography, and advertising objectives. We can help you determine an appropriate budget based on your specific needs and goals.
We do not have a minimum ad spend requirement, but recommend starting with $500/month. Proper funding is essential for a competitive social media advertising campaign. The cost per is typically higher for Conversion ads, compared to Engagement or Awareness ads.
Our kick-off call is an opportunity for us to learn about your business, ideal client profile, and advertising objectives. We use this information to create a written strategy that we will use as a reference and update throughout the year.
We create ads in batches every quarter, rather than one at a time, to ensure better creative and compliance workflows. We collaborate with you to determine the best network, budget, target market, objectives, and calls-to-action.
We’ll get access to your social ad accounts and build your quarterly advertising plan. We’ll set up your targeted audiences, and send you the required pixels/tags for your website.