We're fun, professional, and results-focused.

Stephen is the leader of our growing Oechsli team. He started as an intern and somehow still makes the coffee every morning. Hope you like it strong.

Serves as dad/prison warden for three young sons
Has been an old man since birth
Diet: running with a side of NPR

Stephen Boswell


As COO, Kevin makes sure everything is ship-shape and adds creative flair to whatever he does.

Can drink coffee while on a hoverboard
Killer of plants
Former pop punk star

Kevin Nichols

Chief Operating Officer

Where do we start with Matt? The travel, the hats, the books? One things for sure, when he's not writing or speaking, he's probably on his bike, playing tennis, or at the gym.

Reads history books by the dozen
Has two dogs and two parrots
Can hypnotize you, so be careful

Matt Oechsli


Heidi oversees our office finances. If you need to pay us, or we need to pay you, she'll make sure it gets done.

Raises three boys + Stephen
Was a debt collector in college
Loves all true crime shows

Heidi Boswell

Chief Financial Officer

David is a musician turned camera maestro. He probably has more shoes than your wife.

He is 60% water
A true middle child
Wielder of puns

David Lezcano

Director of Marketing

Leah manages our Social Content and Digital Ads programs. When she's not engaging with clients or supporting our growing team, you can find her enjoying the outdoors, reading sci-fi, or listening to a variety of music.

Inseparable from her cat
Amateur dreamworker
"Every day, once a day, give yourself a present."

Leah Kouchel

Director of Program Operations

Rachel is the organization behind the organization. When she isn't planning our next webinar, team outing, or event, you can find her spending time traveling and renovating her house.

Wanderlust at heart
Happy hour advocate
Dog Mama

Rachel Lezcano

Office & HR Manager

Brittany manages the coaching program. She can't sit still, so you can always find her training for a race or checking something off her bucket list. If she could adopt all the dogs, she would.

Lives out of her planner
Licensed to jump out of planes for fun
Believes everything is within walking distance

Brittany Butler

Coaching Program Manager

Christina lives by a schedule and that goes hand in hand with managing her clients social media accounts. When she's not at work, she is busy being a mom or finding a container to put things in.

Realizes she needs more hobbies
Mom of two
Doesn't love: Salads

Christina Hollaway

Social Program Manager

Ellie is a Gilmore Girls superfan with a passion for designing brand-building social media content. She also has a knack for deep-woods backpacking. Longest trip = 28 days.

Will swap Bigfoot stories
Reads The New Yorker to wind down
Vegetarian since age 4

Ellie Bradford

Account Manager

Mandy is a jack of all trades, master of none. An unashamed cat-lady and self-proclaimed coffee addict, Mandy can be found in her free time watching Studio Ghibli movies, listening to true crime podcasts, or making a gift for one of her friends!

The Craftiest of all Crafters
Grade A Nerd
Wannabe Bartender

Mandy Clement

Newsletter Program Manager

Johnathan is your go-to person for all things social media and pop culture. His viewing habits vary widely including a “few hours” of reality tv every week to help him stay grounded.

Enneagram: Type 2 wing 3
Isn’t sure whether he’s a Millennial or Gen Z
Prefers brick-and-mortar over online shopping

Johnathan Enoch

Ads Specialist

Maddy is a graphic designer jumping into the magical world of social media. A self-proclaimed nerd, Maddy enjoys a variety of niche interests including, but not limited to, cryptids, video games, and character design.

Cat lady in training
Unashamed Guild Wars 2 addict
Blanket connoisseur

Maddy Clement

Lead Designer

Natalie has a passion for social media and loves to cook. Thus, she is probably planning what to make for dinner by 10AM. If she's not hanging out with her BFF, June B (aka her dog), she's quoting her favorite comedies.

Enjoys : Rearranging her house constantly
Has an obsession with Pinterest
Can grill better than her husband

Natalie Caison

Senior Content Specialist

Rachel has a passion for creating content and all things social media. When she's not working you can find her discovering a new coffee shop or watching a true crime documentary.

Probably drinking an iced latte
Puts Texas Pete on almost everything
Pescatarian for 10+ years

Rachel Heldreth

Content Specialist

From growing up using Social Media to studying Graphic Design, Jodie knows what can make your brand stand out. When Jodie isn't creating you can find her re-watching all her favorite shows & movies with her dog, Beau.

Reality TV Addict
Book Lover

Jodie Worsham

Content Specialist

Kristin knows the power of creating a lasting impact in the world of doom scrolling and loves all things social media. When she is not creating, she can be found curled up with a book, playing board games, or planning her next trip to Disney World.

Queen of fur dragons (2 cats and 2 dogs)
In her making bread from scratch era
"Mischief Managed"

Kristin Faust

Content Specialist

Savannah is a Digital Specialist with a passion for creative storytelling. In her spare time, you can find her taking her two Aussiedoodles to the dog park, hanging out with her friends and family, or drinking a Moscow Mule. She loves to travel and spend time with her son, Ashton.

Andie Anderson inspired her to go to Journalism school (Go Heels!)
In her Mom Era - She's not like a regular mom, she's a cool mom
Got a tattoo by the voice of "Hey Arnold" at a Halloween party

Savannah Cole

Account Manager

Scott directed and edited his first movie at the wee age of 10. Yes, 10. While other kids were riding bikes, he was obsessing over creative camera angles and behind-the-scenes documentaries.

Collector of movie posters
Deathly allergic to cats
Lover of sad movies

Scott Rogers

Video Specialist

Seth loves cinematography and has probably seen Return of the Jedi well over a hundred times.

Plays five different instruments
Had perfect attendance K-12
300+ comics and counting

Seth Hodges

Video Specialist

Outside of a video edit, you can probably catch her immersed in a book.

Expert hand embroiderer
12 years of trombone serenades
Dedicated explorer of fantasy worlds

Elizabeth Lantzas

Video Specialist

Nahum helps wrangle web design & development. Was in the music streaming business but knows 0 words to 0 songs. Wife & two girls remind him of that daily.

Needs Airpods surgically removed
Motto: All Roads Go Somewhere
You air guitar, he air accordions

Nahum Madrid

Websites Program Manager

Cody helps with web design and development. If he’s not playing video games, he’s probably watching reviews on YouTube. He really wishes Myspace would make a comeback.

Enjoys playing the drums
Guitar Hero Difficulty: Expert
Pepperhead in training

Cody Hollaway

Senior Web Specialist

Derek primarily serves as Account Manager with web design and development while constantly learning to cook new recipes in his free time.

Plays video games on Easy, because who is he trying to impress?
Favorite color is Sage Green
Dog dad to a Terrier

Derek Thornton

Account Manager

She loves (almost) everything WordPress, travelling, reading and spending time with her family. Before she built websites, she taught English to teenagers in Prague.

CSS Geek
Wannabe princess of a lost country
Motto: pessimism of the mind, optimism of the spirit

Ann Newcomer

Web Specialist

Thomas assists our help desk and LinkedIn onboarding. He loves to read, write, practice martial arts, and spend time with his family.

Self-proclaimed tiramisu connoisseur
Can play fingerstyle guitar
Owns a cat named Pickles

Thomas Haizlip

Digital Specialist

Hayes works to support our clients in their digital needs. He likes scenic walks and enjoys playing card games.

Was once attacked by a hive of bees (and survived)
Can fold a paper airplane to achieve very long hang time
Played against the best Smash Bros. Melee player in the state

Hayes Pierson

Digital Specialist