How to Build a 21st Century Financial Practice

Dissatisfaction among high net worth investors is unprecedented. Financial professionals capable of providing unbiased solutions for protecting, growing, and distributing wealth are a scarce commodity.

This book provides you with a research based, action oriented, and street tested process that will enable you to capitalize on today’s high net worth goldmine. The book frames the entire process of attracting, servicing, and retaining high net worth clients. Each chapter takes you closer to becoming what those clients want -a ‘go-to’ financial quarterback who skillfully coordinates and advances the multidimensional aspects of their finances.

You will learn how to:

Clearly envision your future.
Target 4 key categories of high net worth prospects.
Build your business through introductions and referrals.
Project the right image when meeting high net worth prospects.
Qualify and close the prospects you really want.
Meet affluent clients’ needs in 8 key financial advisory categories.
Customize a financial advisory process to each client’s needs.
Coordinate your advisory team around 4 areas of responsibility.
Improve client impact to earn client loyalty.

Anyone currently working in the arena of Wealth Management, or considering forming a Wealth Management Team, must read Matt Oechsli’s How To Build a 21st Century Financial Practice. This book is actually a “process guide” that can service both as a road map to follow and a model upon which to benchmark your progress in attracting, advising and retaining affluent clients. – Charles Grose, Executive Vice President/National Director, Private Client Group, RBC Dain Rauscher

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