The days of canned, boilerplate email newsletters are coming to an end. Our program is designed to both educate your clients and prospects and help them to get you know you personally. You’ll have a newsletter your clients actually want to read.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Custom Template Design
  • Personal Lead-In
  • Copywriter support
  • Content Integration
  • Two New Articles a Month
  • Monthly Sends

$299.00 USD / month and a $1,999.00 USD sign-up fee

Process and Procedures

General Timelines:

We request Newsletter Assets at the start of each month. This includes:
Your answer to our monthly prompt (helps us craft your personalized lead-in)
Any articles and videos you’ve created that you’d like us to include
Something you’d like to spotlight (upcoming webinar, work anniversary, etc.)
We work a month in advance to provide adequate time for construction and approvals.
Ex: Assets requested at the beginning of January go into the February newsletter.


We onboard clients at the beginning of each month.
Ex: If you sign up on Feb 18th, you would officially begin service March 1st.
The first full month is spent designing your newsletter template.

Monthly Workflow:

Week 1:

Newsletter Assets:
We send a newsletter with the prompt during the first week of each month. For example, we send February prompts the first week of January.
We give you 10 days to provide the answer to your prompts. At 10 days, we will send a reminder to complete the prompt ASAP.
We use a webform to make your Asset submissions as easy as possible.
After receiving the test template of your newsletter, you have 7 days to submit revisions.
You get one round of revisions to your newsletter each month.

Late Assets:

You are giving one “exception” for submitting late assets.
After this exception, late assets will be saved for a future newsletter.

Missing Assets:

If we are missing any Assets, we proceed with the assets we do have.
At minimum, this would include the two Oechsli articles we provide you.

Weeks 2 & 3

These weeks are reserved solely for newsletter design and copywriting.
Once it’s ready, we send it to you for approval.

Week 4

You send us any final edits and we prepare the final version.
We then schedule your email to go out the first Tuesday of the following month.

Terms and Conditions

  • This program requires a minimum six month commitment. After the initial six months, the services go month-to-month until you notify us you want to cancel.
  • Unsent or incomplete newsletters do not roll over from month to month.
  • Adjustments to the email template design (after the initial build approval) are billed at $150 per hour.
  • Monthly prompts are sent the first week of each month. You have 10 days to provide responses to your prompt. Late prompt submissions are subject to delays and potential forfeiture of your newsletter for that month .
  • Newsletters are limited to one round of revisions per month. Subsequent revisions are billed at $150 per hour. All revision requests are due within 10 days of receiving the newsletter. Revisions sent after the ten day period are subject to delays and potential forfeiture of your newsletter for that month.
  • Oechsli is not responsible for maintaining, changing, or adding contacts or subscribers to your newsletter.
  • Oechsli is not responsible for the upload/management of your newsletter to your website.
  • Oechsli does not provide PDF or printable copies of your newsletter.