Oechsli Social

  • Monthly Social Media Posts: We curate the latest and greatest social media content on the web and post it regularly on your behalf. We also develop custom branded content each month that puts your brand front and center. We avoid content that is promissory in nature or that recommends specific financial advice.
  • Article of the Month: We provide you with an exclusive finance-related article you can post on your website and social media profiles as if it were written by you.
  • Branded Whitepapers: We’ve built a vast library of whitepapers on financial topics important to your clients and prospects. Our whitepapers are great assets to use with campaigns.
  • Objective-Based Campaigns: In addition to our core services, you are able to select one campaign to run every 60-day period.  These include services like Facebook Ads, LinkedIn sponsored messages, and other proactive strategies.

$500.00 USD / month

Optional Add-On’s

Terms and Conditions

  • I agree to the terms as stated below and understand Oechsli does not provide refunds.
  • I agree to at least 12 months of outsourcing services. After 12 months, services will continue month-to-month.
  • I understand there are certain limitations to what Oechsli will do for me. Oechsli will only personalize up to four graphics per month (i.e. adding my picture to general posts). Oechsli cannot guarantee the timing of posts that must be done manually (i.e. LinkedIn videos). Oechsli does not commit to emailing me when posts are complete. Oechsli does not commit to sharing posts from one of my accounts to other accounts (i.e. LinkedIn company posts to LinkedIn personal profiles).
  • I am not hiring you as a lead-generation miracle worker. I enter into this social media partnership because I see the value in building a robust digital presence. I understand that lead generation is fun, but challenging and should be seen as “icing on the cake.”
  • I will not duplicate, recreate, or make changes to Facebook ads without permission from Oechsli. I understand that when I stop paying for Social Media outsourcing, my Facebook ads will be removed and I will no longer have access to them.
  • I understand the firm but fair Cancellation Policy https://oechsli.com/cancellation-policy
  • I agree to the following conditions. Oechsli will make every reasonable effort to post content that is appropriate for my audience, but I agree that Oechsli shall not be liable for posts. I am responsible for reviewing posts made by Oechsli to ensure consistency with branding, messaging, and compliance standards. Without limiting the foregoing, Oechsli disclaims all warranties, express or implied with regard to the services provided as part of their social media outsourcing program. Oechsli does not provide refunds.