The Affluent Handbook

The affluent are an acre of diamonds for any company or service professional who invests the time to understand them. However, this opportunity is not for the unprepared. To fully capitalize on these favorable circumstances, it’s essential that you become a student of the affluent-this needs to be a life study.

The awareness provided by this practical book will serve as a blueprint for developing successful long-term affluent relationships; understanding how they think, how they select products and services, specific communication do’s and don’ts, what impacts their motivators, how they make purchase decisions, and more. Based on extensive research, this handbook provides you with a complete field guide for dealing with the affluent, including topics such as:

-The importance of psychographics on their motivation and purchase decisions.
-Delivering Ritz-Carlton service with a FedEx efficiency.
-The secrets to communication.
-Understanding their idiosyncratic nature.
-Overcoming their skepticism of sales people.
-Activating the power of word-of-mouth influence.

The Affluent Handbook is a handy guide to assist you in your quest to attract, service, and develop loyal affluent clients. By providing a better understanding of how the affluent think, what motivates their decision making, and basic do’s and don’ts — this is an indispensable resource for anyone competing for the affluent consumer.

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50-99 receive 40% discount

100+ receive 50% discount

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