If you want pristine, highly-polished video, come to Oechsli Studios.

Our Process

1. Plan

Our work begins well before you come onsite. Our goal is to help you tell your story in the most compelling fashion possible. This means giving you ideas on what to shoot and helping you fine tune your messaging.

2. Shoot

It’s your day. We start early and retake as often as needed. The atmosphere is professional, yet relaxed. There are a number of great backgrounds to choose from. When it comes to equipment, we’ve got you covered.

3. Edit

We then move on to producing your videos. We’ll add in your logo, cut and color your shots, then add some background tracks to match. Within a week you’ll have your finished product ready for show.

You’re not just getting a videographer, you’re getting a specialist in advisor storytelling.

We'll help you get the wording just right.

The Equipment

We use premium 4k cameras, professional-grade lighting, and the latest in sound capture technology. Our professional editing suite is built for creating videos that you'll use for years to come.

Let's Talk

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Frequently Asked Questions about Oechsli Studios

When you sign up, we’ll send you a travel packet that explains where to fly (GSO), where to stay, and some great restaurant options.
For most people, a half day means 3-4 good videos. This also depends on the length of your footage. If you’re going for on-demand webinars, you’ll plan for fewer videos than if you’re planning videos about your process or differentiators.
Most people are. The good thing about having a half day to shoot is that we have plenty of time to let you get into the groove of shooting. We will get some good footage.
Absolutely, we can take videos of you together or separate.
It’s smart to submit your notes to compliance in advance, just to make sure you don’t fly here and shoot some great video, just to realize you’re unable to use it. We can make small edits after production, but it’s better if you get things preapproved.
We’d recommend doing video that will last a while. If you shoot on “what’s happening in the markets,” it becomes outdated quickly. If you shoot on your Differentiators, you’ll have a video built to last.
Well, you’re coming to us instead of us sending you equipment. You’ll shoot fewer videos this way, but the video quality will be superb.