Bob Jones, MBA

Bob Jones Oechsli Headshot

In a financial services career spanning 25 years, Bob served as a Branch Manager for Legg Mason and Smith Barney. During his tenure at Legg Mason, he ran a regional training center that served as a model for expansion of firm-wide training methods. He also served on the Branch Managers Advisory organizations at both Smith Barney and Legg Mason, where he was selected as Chairman. Bob has been coaching successful teams, individual advisors, and new industry entrants for many years. When working with advisors, he helps each coaching client identify their strengths and use those talents to apply the research-tested Oechsli approach in their own way. Once an advisor makes a portion of the Oechsli methodology their own, results begin to happen quickly. He coaches each client through their successes and their challenges. The goal is for the advisor to see him or her self through the eyes of the affluent prospect.

Bob coaches because it is fun! It is a big charge to help an advisor intelligently grow their business.

Bob is collaborative and realistic. He works with the advisor to find activities that will grow their business, and that they will actually implement. The advisor must be comfortable with the activities.

He reads a lot of business and secular publications. In addition, Bob travels a lot and spends a lot of time with his grandchildren who live close by.


What do Bob’s clients say about him?
They consistently tell Bob that he helps them to see their business in a different way than they have before. Only when you understand yourself, your business, and how you want them to intersect can you move forward and grow.