Debra McBeth, CFP(R)

Debra Mcbeth Oechsli Headshot

In a career exceeding 40 years in financial services, Debra has successfully navigated the many changes affecting financial planning and wealth management strategies. Along with many years as a successful Financial Advisor, Debra was one of the first female Branch Office Managers for a major wirehouse. Her experience in our industry has included recruiting, training, and mentoring Financial Advisors for new and existing branch offices.  She had held FINRA licenses 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 24, 51, 53, 63, and 65.

Today’s clients are redefining their expectations of their relationship with a financial advisor. They are not looking for basic asset allocation (which AI can do very well) or a drop down menu “one size fits all” planning.  The emphasis is now on having a primary professional who can guide them through today’s information overload.  What strategies and options work best for them and can they count on you to be a trusted financial confidante to their family?

Being one of the early individuals to earn the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) helped her learn that in order for an elite financial advisor to remain cutting edge successful requires consistent reevaluation, improvement, and upgrading of their practice model is required.

Debra’s style is not to coach by imitation, but rather encourages financial advisors to look at their existing areas of success, their unique skills, life experiences, culture, knowledge, credentials, and interests.  By moving beyond the old school typical rankings of clients by AUM or past revenues we spend time better understanding which existing clients are really the “VIPs”.   These are the ones who can help drive your business forward in the future.

We generally find there are clients’ with specific needs, backgrounds, or situations you resonate with more strongly and frequently. Often our primary goal becomes designing and implementing a personalized strategy speaking to and developing the areas where you have successes to build on.  We find better ways to create client loyalty among the VIPs and help them become an advocate for our skills.  Your ultimate goal is to become the recognized go-to professional for particular types of strategies needs.