Nick Brait CFP ®,CKA ®,ACC

Nick Brait Oechsli Headshot

Nick began working career as a chemical engineer and after nine years decided that a career change was in order. It was then that he began a relationship with the financial services industry. Some people may not see a connection between engineering and financial services. The commonality between the two is problem-solving, and engineers are excellent problem solvers. For over 35 years, Nick grew a successful practice by helping people solve their financial problems. As the practice grew, he realized that many of the financial challenges people faced required more extensive planning, which led Nick to become a Certified Financial Planning practitioner.

Nick has always had a passion for helping people. Initially in his career, it was guiding his clients to achieve financial success and comfortable retirements. Over the years as an advisor, Nick experienced a number of different coaching programs, including the Oechsli Institute. Nick’s coach at Oechsli had a big impact on him. When he decided to leave production, Nick felt his knowledge and experience in building relationships and working with people could be beneficial for other advisors. Nick is thankful to the Oechsli Institute for allowing him to share his skills with others.

Nick’s style is to help people think through whatever situation that confronts them, in order to come up with their own solution. Encouraging them and sometimes prodding them to find an answer that works for them, that they own.

Nick and his wife enjoy hiking, sailing, and engaging in spiritual discussions.


What do Nick’s clients say about him? 

“He asks a lot of questions and makes me think.”

“He is pleasantly persistent and not afraid to hold me accountable.”

“He’s a great sounding board and has some keen insight.”