Tam Milton

Tam Milton Oechsli Headshot

With over 42 years of direct experience with advisors and teams, Tam gained deep insight on issues that are critical for those looking to achieve elite status. He’s held multiple positions ranging from financial advisor to senior executive with Merrill Lynch. His field experience includes Senior VP of Global HR (supervising 1,200 human resource professionals), Deputy President of Merrill Lynch Japan Securities, and District Director of the Carolinas. Although he is now retired, he feels like he is always learning the business. He’s a lifelong learner, which is a trait all elite advisors possess.

Anytime an advisor has called Tam “coach,” he’s considered it a true compliment. Back when he used to hire new advisors and bring them on board, he used to say “You think you can achieve X. Well I think you can do far more, and achieve Y. Together, we are going to close that gap.” As he’s gained experience with coaching over time, he has found a great level of personal satisfaction from helping others become top producers.

Tam is a facilitator, and his objective is to move his clients to action – to take ownership of their development and growth. When working with clients, he explains what needs to be done and make sure they take the right actions, but it’s ultimately up to them to own it. Until you own it, nothing will happen.

Tam is fascinated with education – the learning process and educational development. He sits on the Board of one College and a PreK – 8th grade private school. He also enjoys spending time with his grandkids, reading, and golf.