We craft financial advisor newsletters people want to open.

A good newsletter helps people learn from you and about you.

Our work begins by designing your unique newsletter template.

We custom-build your newsletter template. Our goal is for it to look polished, professional, and on-brand. We’ll include your logos, fonts, and colors, to ensure cohesion with your website and social channels.

Next, we personalize your introduction.

The introduction of your newsletter gets the most views, so it needs to be interesting. Creating a compelling intro can be hard, so we’re here to help. Every month we provide you with an intro that helps us add a personal touch. Here are some examples:

Intro: Fostering Financial Values

We cannot think of a better time to discuss the importance of financial literacy, education, and planning for the future, especially in the context of the great wealth transfer. With more than $84 trillion expected to change hands over the next two decades, educating the next generation on financial management and responsibility is crucial.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when trying to foster financial values in your family:

By prioritizing financial education and planning during Financial Literacy Month and beyond, we can help prepare future generations to manage their wealth responsibly and carry on their family’s financial legacy.

Intro: Money Conversations Are Hard

Do you find it difficult to talk about money with your partner? Join the club. Money is a leading cause of stress in relationships.

But when it comes to money, communication is key. Constructive money conversations create transparency, establish shared goals, and provide meaningful insights into each other’s perspectives.

So, how do you open up the dialogue? Of course, you can always lean on us to guide these sensitive conversations, but you can also broach them yourself. The key is to ask questions that are non-accusatory and start with questions to identify values and beliefs. For example:

Despite the initial discomfort, discussing finances with your partner is key to building a healthy, lasting relationship. The more you have these conversations, the easier they get.

We’ll feature your content.

If you create video-based, audio, or written content, we’ll incorporate it into the newsletter. It’s a great way to make sure your audience is seeing your content, even if they miss it through social media or on your website.

We include a “spotlight” for events and announcements.

Maybe it’s an upcoming webinar, birthday, work anniversary, charitable event, office outing, etc. This section houses important information you’d like to highlight in your newsletter.

Lastly, we provide educational articles.

Every month Oechsli provides two professionally-written articles. We come up with interesting financial concepts, have them written and edited, then add eye-catching imagery to encourage more interaction.

The finished product.

We create print-friendly newsletters.

We redesign your email newsletter for print so you can mail it directly to clients and prospects.

What's included:

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Frequently Asked Questions about Newsletters

We prefer Mailchimp and have relied on them for years. They offer a nice blend of tools, reliability, and ease-of-use. If you would like us to use another service, we’re open to that too.
You retain control of your contacts, adding them, updating them, and removing them as needed. We’ll focus on supplying them with fantastic newsletter content.
We work with you to develop a newsletter template that reflects your branding and highlights the content that matters most.
After the initial template is built and agreed upon, there would be an additional fee to create a new template.
Absolutely. It’s a great way to enable your website visitors to directly sign up for your newsletter.
Yes, for an additional fee. This is a great idea for audiences you might want to welcome with a series of thoughtful emails. For example, we can build a sequence for those who’ve given you their email in exchange for a whitepaper on your website.

If you’re in Newsletters and Mobile, you get the added benefit of us taking your videos and directly embedding them in your newsletters. If you’re in Newsletters and Social, we’ll add your best performing social posts to your newsletters as well. If you’re in Websites, it makes the subscription process easy and any landing pages a breeze.

At the beginning of each month, we send you a form where you can submit all the information for your upcoming newsletter. We dedicate the 2nd and 3rd week of each month to building and revising your newsletter. We aim to schedule your newsletter the first week of the following month.
Yes, we provide blog articles that can go right in your newsletter! If you need us to design a graphic for your “spotlight” we can do that too.
After building your newsletter, we send a test version for you to review. When you’ve approved the final version, we’ll send the email on your behalf. If your firm requires you to send the newletter, we’ll send you a fully-designed, copy-and-paste email to drop into your system.