Websites Premium

Here’s what’s included:

  • Unique Website Design
  • Custom Copy Creation
  • Google Analytics
  • Social Previews
  • Google Search Console
  • Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Content Library
  • Page Management
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Hosting & Backups
  • Popular Integrations
  • DIY Edits
  • SEO Essentials:
    • On-Page SEO
    • Keyword Research
    • Optimized Titles & URLs
    • Meta Titles & Descriptions
    • Image Optimization
    • Automatic Sitemap
    • SSL Security
    • Technical SEO
    • Page speed
    • Schema Markup
    • Page structure
    • NAP Setup

$199.00 USD / month and a $8,999.00 USD sign-up fee

Terms and Conditions

Domain Registration: You maintain ownership of your domain (i.e. It is your responsibility to ensure that your ownership remains intact by keeping an active payment method on file with your registrar. If a third party manages your domain, it is your responsibility to ensure their responsiveness during site launch.

Hosting: Oechsli includes website hosting using an industry-leading hosting provider. Your site will be fast, backed up weekly, and reliable (our goal is 99.9 percent uptime). Email is not included in this service.

Storage: Media storage is limited to 1GB, which is plenty in most cases. The website media library is not for storing files. You’ll want to host videos elsewhere (Wistia, Vimeo, etc.) and embed them in your website.

Page Designs: Oechsli will design up to 7 pages for you, which includes pages like Home, About, Contact, Process, Services, Resources, etc. The following types of pages do not count towards the 7 total page count:

  • Posts (up to ten articles/videos)
  • Individual team member bios
  • Privacy Policy and Disclaimers
  • Thank you page

If more than 7 page designs are needed, they will be billed at $500 each.

Out-Of-Scope Design Requests: There certain design requests we cannot accommodate:

  • Unconventional layouts – i.e. make my images go around in a spiral
  • Custom animations – i.e. make my logo spin in circles then dissolve
  • Preloaders – i.e. show a loading page before my homepage
  • Extra Features – i.e. sliders, carousels, megamenus
  • Advanced features – i.e. calculators, user management, ecommerce, etc.
  • Managing your current website (updates, plugins, hosting, etc.) during the build of your new site

Advisor Generated Content: If you create content like podcasts, articles, and videos, they can be included in your website, however the way in which they are shown isn’t something you’re able to influence. For example, we have a great format for showing podcasts, but are not going to build custom functionality into that for you.

Design Reviews: Oechsli provides two rounds of revisions on web designs. After the two rounds of revisions, additional design work and revisions will be billed at $150 per hour.

Content Migration: Oechsli will migrate up to 10 articles and 10 videos from your old site to your new site. Additional blog posts can be migrated for a fee. If your site is currently hosted on the WordPress platform, the limitations don’t apply.

Images and Videos: In instances where Oechsli needs to purchase images or videos for your new site, those costs will be passed along to you. We will get your approval first, after having seen the watermarked versions on the development site.

Design Credit: All Oechsli web design clients will have a “Built with Oechsli” link on their website in the footer of every page. This link may NOT be removed without our consent. You may pay Oechsli a fee of $250 to have this link permanently removed.

Delay Policy: Our Web Design Process describes specific feedback windows.For example, you have three days to sign off on the Site Plan, seven days for initial and secondary site revisions, and fourteen days for compliance approval. If in total, you cause more than 30 days of delays, we will mark your site as “Inactive” and a $1,000 fee will be required to resume work on your site.

Monthly Fee: Our web design services involve a down payment and monthly fees. Monthly billing will begin at launch or 3 months from registration whichever comes first.

Website Edits: We include one hour of website edits in your monthly hosting fee. These are edits that our web team makes for you and include things like posting new content, making small page edits, and other similar tasks. If you need more than that one hour in a given month, the fee is $150 per hour and we’re happy to give you a quote in advance. We also provide a range of DIY options that give you more control, may be done more quickly, and don’t count towards your one hour of included edits each month. 

Content Library: We provide access to a library of personal finance articles and will pre-fill your site with ten during the site creation. These articles are provided as-is; we do not edit them to fit your needs. However, you are welcome to modify them for compliance, editorial, or niche reasons using the CMS we provide.

Device Compatibility: We strive for responsiveness across a variety of phones, tablets, and desktops.

Google Analytics: As part of your site build, we will set you up with Google Analytics. We do not actively monitor your metrics, nor do we offer advice on how to improve them.

ADA Compliance: ADA compliance is complex and evolving. While Oechsli does seek to build sites that all users can navigate, it is not our responsibility to ensure your site is ADA compliant and we will not be held liable for any ADA-related violations or lawsuits.

Access to Backend: A CMS is provided for client-use and enables you to make basic edits to your website. At no point do we allow you, or a third party, to access the back end of our sites. This includes adding plugins, adding scripts or modifying code files. If you’ve hired an SEO provider, they are allowed to use our designated suite tools to enter this information.

Archiving: We do not offer archiving and have limited backups for restoration and migration purposes not for archiving purposes. We can offer direction on archiving as necessary.

Launch Guidelines: Launching a new site may take up to 48 hours. This allows for bug fixes, caching, etc. Factor this into your plans for announcing your new site to your audience.

Cancellation of Services: We require a 24 month commitment to our websites program. If you decide to cancel services before then, our firm but fair cancellation policy applies and you will need to pay 50% of the remaining payments. Upon payment, you may export the WordPress content to another provider, but you may not transfer our proprietary plugins, framework, or custom features. In addition, if the website undergoes a full refresh or redesign, the 24-month commitment period will reset from the start of the new project. By agreeing to this contract, you agree to recommit to the program for another 24-month term in the event of a full refresh or redesign, with the same cancellation policy and payment terms outlined above.

Out of Scope: The following website elements are outside the scope of our agreement:

  • Email management
  • Managed SEO strategy
  • Hosting your videos
  • Interfacing with an outside marketing agency that you’ve hired
  • Website strategy calls after the site has been launched
  • Setting up your Google My Business profile
  • Analytics reporting
  • WordPress Analytics plugins
  • Adding other 3rd party plugins

Disclaimer: Oechsli will make every reasonable effort to create a website that is functional and effective, but in no event will we be liable for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website. You are responsible for reviewing the website made by Oechsli to ensure consistency with branding, messaging, and compliance standards. Without limiting the foregoing, Oechsli disclaims all warranties, express or implied with regard to the services provided as part of the web design program.