Dave Timmons, RCC(R)

Dave Timmons Oechsli Headshot

Dave’s ‘Big WHY’ in life is to help coachable professionals find new courage to act on and achieve their loftiest goals. He is a Registered Corporate Coach® who has been coaching financial leaders and advisors for over 25 years. Dave also embraces the coaching process at Oechsli because it gives advisors every tool they would need to become wildly successful in the Wealth Management industry today. His particular areas of expertise are mindset, goal achievement, accountability, activity tracking, and the art of communication.

Dave is also a professional keynote speaker who specializes in ‘the Art of Leadership’ and has keynoted for IBM, FBI, Honeywell, Bank of America, GE, and The National Association of REALTORS® among many others. He helps good managers become great ‘people’ leaders through his Six String Leadership programs.

In his free time, he loves spending it with Phyllis and their dog Harley (Jack ‘Rascal’ Terrier) out on the water. He is also an accomplished guitar player and singer-songwriter who strives to be in a garage band again in Tampa Bay.

What clients are saying about Dave:

“I had the good fortune of having Dave as my personal coach during a job transition. His wise and practical advice was always what was needed. He’s the consummate motivator and he has the uncanny ability to turn your obstacles into opportunities by changing how you see the situation. He presents an organized, objective, process-driven method while also being approachable, fair, and personable.”

Stephanie – Raleigh, NC

“Dave is excellent at his coaching role. As a coach, Dave always found ways to provide just the right balance of encouragement and the extra push I needed from time to time to help direct me through challenges. Always approachable and kind, I never hesitated to contact Dave for guidance when needed. Dave’s personality and genuine care coupled along with a good dose of humor and wit make him a great partner in helping you reach your personal and professional goals.”

 Jason – Ocala, FL