Oechsli Podcasts

Oechsli Podcasts provides a turnkey audio solution:

  • The Equipment – We send you everything you need for high-end audio.
  • The Ideas – We give you two podcast outlines per month.
  • The Production – We polish your audio with edits, music and intros/outros.

*Requires a SIX MONTH minimum. Please read the full terms below in the description.


Terms and Conditions

  • I agree to at least 6 months of content services. My first payment will be charged immediately and subsequent payments will be charged every 30 days. After 6 months, the service will continue month-to-month until I request cancellation.
  • There is a thirty minute max per episode, additional time will be billed at a rate of $125 in 10 minute intervals.
  • As part of the Podcast package, you can send us up to two episodes per month for production. Additional episodes run $300 each.
  • Video Podcast episodes are billed at an additional $400 per episode.
  • Unused episodes do not roll over from month to month.
  • Oechsli will only retain 90 days of audio & project files, afterwards they are deleted from our servers. Your episodes will live on our hosting platform until you decide to leave the program.
  • I agree that Oechsli will be hosting my podcast, If I leave the program I will have to migrate the podcast to my own host.
  • Episodes can be submitted at any point during the month however, if you turn in an episode within the last 5 days of the month the turnaround time will be delayed an additional 48 hours.
  • We require that all clips be sent to us in one continuous take, not in multiple takes that must be spliced together. You can stop and start your podcast once during each recording. We just ask that you take a 30 second pause before restarting so that it’s evident when we make your edits.
  • Episode length is capped at 30 minutes, after the initial 30 minutes, we charge $125 in 10 minute increments.
  • Client should notify Supplier if supplied equipment is not in good working condition within 15 business days after receipt.
  • Supplier must replace non-working or damage equipment at no additional cost, as soon as notice from Client is received within that window.
  • There are no refunds in the event that an episode is not run during a month due to revisions, compliance, or other circumstances.
  • Oechsli will make every reasonable effort to produce episodes that are appropriate for my audience, but I agree that Oechsli shall not be liable for episodes. I am responsible for reviewing edited episodes made by Oechsli to ensure consistency with branding, messaging, and compliance standards. Without limiting the foregoing, Oechsli disclaims all warranties, express or implied with regard to the services provided as part of the Podcasts program.
  • I understand the firm but fair Cancellation Policy: https://oechsli.com/cancellation-policy/